Podcast Recording Guide

Maddy Brown, Digital Iran Project


  • Samson Q2U Microphone
  • USB-C to USB adapter
  • iPad Pro, Garageband app, Spotify for Podcasters app
  • (optional) Headphones/earbuds with 3.5mm connection

Recording steps:

Step 1: Plug microphone into iPad using adapter, make sure the mic is turned on

Step 2: Hit the + on the right side of the screen and change bars to “automatic.”

Step 3: Open new song in Garageband, select Audio Recorder.

Step 4: Turn the metronome off.

Step 5: Tap the microphone to check that the iPad is receiving the signal.

Step 6: Hit the red circle to record. You can hit the red circle again to stop recording.

Step 7: Toggle to the track selector at the top left to crop or delete audio recordings.

Step 8: Hit the paper symbol at the top left to automatically save the file.

Step 9: When done, hold the song file down and hit “share.” Save as “song” to make it a sound file.

Step 10: Open Spotify for Podcasters and upload song file to library.

Step 11: Change episode title, hit publish, and done!

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